Our club philosophy

BMW Motor Club Vlaanderen was founded on October 21, 1984, aiming to defend the interests of BMW motorcyclists. Our club is open for all BMW motorcycle-fans, and the activities are open to all BMW motorcyclists.

This freedom of participation at activities is, together with the friendly atmosphere, characteristic for our club. All of the activities are the result of the voluntary teamwork of our members.

This makes our club one of the most dynamic of the BMW-clubs in Europe. Just as BMW, our club is in a constant search for a young and qualitative image.

BMW Motor Club Vlaanderen is first of all a club of friends, which guarantees free and friendly enjoyment of our common hobby, driving a BMW Motorcycle. Next to the numerous tours we offer our club members a number of services, and we keep our members informed on many domains.

Our club remains neutral towards all other motorcyclist organisations. We are an independent club, recognized and supported by BMW, and member of the overall BMW organisations BMW Club Europe and BMW Clubs Belgium. As a service to our members, we are also member of the Belgian Motorcyclist Associations (B.M.B.), although we don't have an internal competition. The use of our clubs name on a meeting (national or international) is free.

Our members are expected to behave friendly and sportive towards other club members, and to all motorcyclists. All active members can participate in the different managerial aspects of our club.

Our club is there for its members!

Club Working

BMW Motor Club Vlaanderen v.z.w. is led by the Board of Directors. To execute this task properly, it is helped by the Club Council, containing all active members of the club. The board will submit all important managerial decisions to the council.

The Secretariat takes care of the administration of our club. All administrative duties are centralised here. Members can appeal to the secretariat for membership, subscriptions, services, etc. They can of course also contact the members of the board.

Within our club there are more than 20 commissions, working groups and delegations, which are defined in the organigram. Joining one of these commissions is greatly appreciated, because it's thanks to the active members that our club keeps on going. When joining one or more commissions, members are automatically invited to the club council. Each of these commissions has it's specific tasks, but there is no special qualification necessary to fit in any one of them, being of good will is sufficient.

The most important commissions are:

  • The 'All-round Team' consists of members who know the club and it's operational aspects well. They assure that new members feel quickly at home in our club. They also organize regional meeting evenings, and regular meetings all over Belgium. A member of this commission represents our club regionally.
  • The Commission Publications produces our bimonthly magazine BMW Clubjournaal, plenty of useful information. Other realisations are: the Yearbook, the brochure "Jij rijdt BMW? Wij ook!", de clubsite and the virtual magazine: BMWMCVL NET INFO, which brings news by e-mail. The input for any member in any of the topics of this magazine is always welcome. Also international inputs are welcomed.
  • The Working Group Tourism brings us a vast number of activities, as well nationally as internationally. For every activity a subgroup is founded to organize everything in detail. In autumn this commission meets to put the calendar for the upcoming year together, based on the propositions made.

Next to that, the different members of the board have their specific tasks: the clubs boutique, motorcycle fairs, coordination of the international BMW meetings, organisation of courses, the archive, old timer activities,...